What happens when Facebook becomes ‘aware?’

During a recent conversation with a coworker about having to defriend a certain someone, the question came up: “What happens when Facebook really becomes aware of what you’re doing?”

The conversation continued with a possible Facebook prompt: “Are you sure you want to unfriend this person, it really seemed like you two were hitting it off?”

The made-up prompts just steamrolled from there …

  • You’ve checked into “The Burger Bar” five times this past month; here are a few gyms you might want to look into.
  • You haven’t had a single check-in for over five weeks but you “like” many of your friends’ updates; are you feeling depressed?
  • You’ve posted pictures from 10 different half marathons in the past three months; be sure you take rest when needed to avoid injury.
  • You haven’t liked or commented on any of your mother’s posts for more than three weeks; are you mad at her? She loves you.
  • You check into a lot of bars; do you have a drinking problem?
  • You have never posted a single update prior to 11 a.m. on any weekend since you joined Facebook; remember, the early bird catches the worm!
  • You post too many selfies.


The conversation certainly was a silly one, but it did allude to how much data we give our favorite social networking sites. These types of made-up Facebook prompts aren’t all that far fetched — the data is there already.

So the question remains: Are you prepared for a fully-aware social network?

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