This ad claims if you don’t like it, it’s your fault

If you have an awesome product, you shouldn’t be afraid of saying so.

That’s pretty much the idea I get when I see the new (and first) TV ad from Knob Creek, a small-batch arm from Jim Beam.

The ad follows a pretty standard setup + punchline formula, but its real effectiveness lies in the claim it makes with that punchline, the start of which you should find pretty familiar.

It starts: “If you’re not completely satisfied …”

It’s something we’ve heard in commercials before; I can remember a few deodorant commercials that offered to “buy you a stick of yours” if you didn’t like theirs. But the Knob Creek commercial took that same attitude one step further.

In concludes: “… send back the unused portion and we’ll drink it for you.”

Essentially, if you don’t like their product then there’s something wrong with you. Perhaps it’s too badass for you. Or too big. Or too bold.

This is the latest in a somewhat growing trend of “you have to be awesome to use our product” commercials. Certainly you remember that one Cadillac commercial.

I love the tactic, and definitely think it works when placed in front of the proper audience. It puts a certain logical argument in the mind of the would-be consumer: “If you have to be badass to use the product, and if I use the product, therefore I’m a badass.”

Simple as that.

It’s a pretty effective tactic. Kind of makes you want to have a drink of bourbon, doesn’t it.

Check out the Knob Creek commercial below:

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