John is a force to be reckoned with. He’s got a great attitude, a fantastic sense of humor and a solid work ethic that delivers consistently above expectations. He started off running our editorial and then moved seamlessly into marketing, research and production of our website and online assets. He wasn’t afraid to ask for help, to check in and to iterate with the management team to get the deliverables just right.

– Shani Higgins, CEO of Technorati

John brings a unique perspective to everything he does. I could go on and on about his technical background, but the reason I always go to John is that not only does he deliver results, but he gets results from others through inspired leadership and enthusiasm. John has spent many years dealing directly with those who consumed his product, which gives him a unique perspective when it comes to messaging and he is able to develop strategies that squeeze every last bit of juice out of every piece of resource put before him. He also has a dynamic and entertaining personality that translates to fantastic consumer engagement.

– Dino Dogan, Founder of Triberr

John does a great job of understanding what your organization needs overall, and how he can translate that to your different marketing strategies. He has a lot of technical know-how and can get things up to speed quickly, but he’s also a great teacher so he’s able to take the strategy he’s built and delegate the in a way that your staff can easily manage. While he has a good idea of what will and won’t work based on his extensive experience, he’s not afraid to try new ideas and improve upon tried-and-true methods. I’ve worked with John on a number of different projects, and as a colleague as well as a consultant. He’s one of the first calls I make when I need help.

– Theo Fightmaster, VP & GM of Sonoma Stompers Baseball Club

Working with John, you almost immediately get to know not only his intelligence but also his ability to adapt to any situation. He has a knack for figuring out what needs to get done and what it’s going to take to get there. There’s also his get-it-done attitude, as he refuses to stop until the task is complete. His work ethic and his jovial personality are quite infectious, as others around him are often brought up to his level.

– Jim Taylor, Web Designer