My Work

slider_logoSonoma Stompers

Director of Digital Marketing, contract

Designed website, established full editorial calendar, directed all social media strategies.

The Cheap Seatsmza_862561075314149832.170x170-75

Publisher / COO

Sports & entertainment podcast, featuring talk radio professionals with more than 20 years experience in the industry. Top guests include Mike Tyson, Jim Breuer, and Tom Green.

ijllMarin Independent Journal

Marketing and Content, contract

Produced marketing materials for IJ Lobby Lounge, consulted on social strategies.

baBeer Army, LLC

Website and Marketing Consultant

Advisor on website redesign and content provider.

bcBlogcritics Magazine

Web Design, contract

Designed editorial website.

The Boob Fairytbf

Web Technical Advisor

A solopreneurial well-mother lactation consultancy, serving mothers and mothers-to-be in the San Francisco Bay Area.