Lego Back to the Future DeLorean set to hit shelves in 2013

OK, this one is a little more toy than tech, but what child of the ’80s doesn’t want a DeLorean Lego set?


DeLorean Time Machine, courtesy

Heck, I actually want a DeLorean car (and you can still get them for pretty decent prices), but this Lego set — one of the newest approvals from the CUUSOO project — would fill in nicely in a pinch.

I was actually just made aware of CUUSOO, which is a section of the Lego operation that allows people to upload their own creations. If they get enough support, Lego considers putting them into mass production.

After the product got enough support, Lego took notice.

“As we’re approaching the 30th anniversary of Back to the Future, this project could not have come at a better time,” reads a comment from a Lego rep on the website. “Congratulations on achieving 10,000 supporters. We now officially advance this project to the Review phase.”

CNET UK reports that this Lego set could hit the shelves by the mid-2013.

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