Keeping your cool when you’re called out

I like the way Mashable’s associate community manager handled this. He made an obvious typo in a two-sentence teaser for a mobile phone feature. Of course, as those on the internet love to do, the mistake was pointed out quickly by many — with glee, I’m sure. It was also “pointed out” by several who pretended they couldn’t understand the meaning.

In this image, I chopped off many of the more mundane comments, and I specifically wanted to point out three of them.tumblr_mbyg83jwRt1rn6cv4o1_500

The first made me chuckle quite a bit as Scott (last name withheld) mocked Mashable, and indicated that a typo on a post would cost someone a job. That wasn’t the funny part. No, the eye-rolling moment was, of course, the typo (it’s either an extra word or simply the wrong use of “too”) in his comment: “Here’s how TO the Social Media position is open at Mashable.”

The second comment I wanted to highlight is one that at least somewhat restores my sense of humanity online. Kristy hit the nail on the head: “People make mistakes.”

Lastly, Todd Olmstead’s comment clearly owned up to the gaffe, thanked the many people who pointed out the mistake and gave something of a hat-tip to Scott and let him know that all was well and his job was safe. The “Time for a coffee” was a nice touch.

Of course, Facebook lets you edit certain posts (images included) and the typo was fixed. But all other evidence was left.

A small typo in a two-sentence post sure LOOKS like a gorilla is running the show, but many social managers (and anyone who professionally writes for any internet outlet) are working without much of a safety net and churning out content at a record pace as the hunger for information never seems to diminish.

My hat’s off to Todd Olmstead. Now go get that coffee.

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