Content-based advertising sucks you in, in a good way

I was looking through some online ad campaign tactics (and checking Twitter … and thinking about streaming a CES flashback from IDG News) when I came across an interactive infographic that promised to tell me what’s sucking up my bandwidth.

Well, I pretty much know — many devices doing many things all at once all on my lone connection (cable modem) to the world of the wide, wide web.

But, intrigued, I click on the (it was a tweet, actually) link to the campaign on the Staples website.


It pretty much went like this …

Me: Why is my Internet so slow?

Them: Well, how many devices do you have connected, and what do you use the internet for? It’s probably not your Internet; it’s probably your router. Here, we can fix that for you.

Ah, I see what you did there.

The infographic started off by showing my the activities that cause most of the bandwidth backup. Then it told me an interesting tidbit about connected devices. Did you know that the typical tablet owner has an average of six devices connected to their wireless network? Well, I just got an iPad Mini for Christmas, so I’m now in that group.

In reality, we typically have two laptops, as many as two phones and my tablet. So my family’s five devices come pretty close.

And then the kicker: Did you know, Staples asks, that your Internet is probably fine? It’s probably your router, Staples responds, and guess what … we have them.

Ah, I see what you did there too.

Content-based ad campaigns sure suck you in, don’t they?

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