Social Media

What happens when Facebook becomes ‘aware?’

During a recent conversation with a coworker about having to defriend a certain someone, the question came up: “What happens when Facebook really becomes aware of what you’re doing?”

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Social Print Studio brings social photos right to your door

A venture that started out offering posters depicting your Facebook friends’ profile pictures has now diversified to put social photos right in your mailbox — that’s right, your actual mailbox.

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Student-athletes cry foul at school’s social media contract

The student-athletes who cried foul at a school’s social media contract are actually off base.

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So You’re a Social Media Manager, Now What?

Have you found yourself as the person in your company with the most “social media experience” — as in, you have accounts on all the big networks and you essentially know how to casually use them — and therefore you have been donned the resident expert and given the reigns to the corporate social media accounts?

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Are you practicing ‘fair use’ properly?

As a blogger, what do you do if you see a post or an article that you really want use when you write about the same subject? Do you copy part of the post, try to summarize it as best you can, simply put a link to the post?

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Dynamic dozen must-follow Twitter accounts

This is what I feel is a pretty diverse and dynamic list of Twitter accounts — all real people, no corporate accounts here.

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