Tech startup Blendle says it can get people to pay for journalism again

Publishers opt-in to have their content library available through the Blendle service, and instead of having to subscribe to the entire publication, users just pay for the articles they want to read.

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The delicate balance between pageviews and user experience

Web users consume vast amounts of content for free each day. Someone has to pay for it — operations costs and (heaven forbid) even for professionals to create that content, at the very least. Awesome content and ad revenue are two sides of the same sword. Monetization through advertising is quite simply a necessary part of the ecosystem at this point.

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This is how much a WordPress website costs

I came across an article on the Web.Search.Social website (h/t to Dino Dogan for sharing the link) that should be required reading for anyone shopping around for a WordPress website.

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Are you practicing ‘fair use’ properly?

As a blogger, what do you do if you see a post or an article that you really want use when you write about the same subject? Do you copy part of the post, try to summarize it as best you can, simply put a link to the post?

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