Research: Brand focus should be on websites, email

In light of recent news that Facebook is going to (once again) reduce the reach of brand content on its platform, this leaves marketers with a “do we pay to play” question in their heads. But, is this even the right question to be asking, especially if you’re trying to keep loyal existing customers?

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This is how much a WordPress website costs

I came across an article on the Web.Search.Social website (h/t to Dino Dogan for sharing the link) that should be required reading for anyone shopping around for a WordPress website.

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Craft beer biz still booming

The craft beer industry is growing, and it seems like there’s nothing anyone can do about it — especially not the massive macro brews that once dominated the U.S. beer market.

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Word association game: What do people think of your brand?

What does your brand mean to you? What does it mean to your consumers? Are they the same?

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Survey Results: Bloggers, experts influence consumers

Consumers surveyed say they are most swayed by written reviews and comparisons to similar products.

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ExactTarget report offers marketing predictions

The phrase “2013 will be the year of …” has been (and is still being) tossed around thinkcenters and boardrooms everywhere. We’re starting to see some pretty interesting predictions in the realm of marketing and business in general.

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