Social Media Crisis Management

Sure, you’d like to get through your career never having to manager a social or PR crisis, but the cold reality is that on some scale you’re probably going to have to do a little crisis management along the way. While most of the information on this infographic may seem like common sense, you’d be surprised to see how often this advice is ignored. Be sure to soak it in, and make sure you live by it should crisis ever come your way.

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Why Instagram is Good For Your Business

If visual media is your thing, Instagram can also play a large role in your company’s social strategy. Take a look at how some of these top brands have gotten the most out of their Instagram accounts, and see what nuggets you may be able to incorporate into your social workflow.

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Pinterest Best Practices

When Pinterest first hit the market, it was dubbed the next big thing by all the social pundits. And while the buzz might have died down, Pinterest is still a go-to for social marketers who work in the retail and product fields. If that sounds like you, check out this guide and see how to get the most from your pinning.

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The Art of Getting Retweets

There’s nothing better to help your message spread beyond your current social following than when users share it. Specific to Twitter, message length plays a large role here. Check out this how-to, and see how leaving room for users to add their own two cents can help your message grow.

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10 Ways to Make the Most of Your Facebook Business Page

When you go from using Facebook as a person to using it as a brand manager, the tools and things you need to remember multiply like a wet gremlin. This checklist is a good resource, as it can help you be sure not to let things fall by the wayside.

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How to Create the Perfect Posts on Social Platforms

This is a good breakdown of the different top-tier social networks and how posting tactics should differ on each one — from the more elaborate Facebook posts to the quick quips more commonly found on Twitter.

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