The delicate balance between pageviews and user experience

Web users consume vast amounts of content for free each day. Someone has to pay for it — operations costs and (heaven forbid) even for professionals to create that content, at the very least. Awesome content and ad revenue are two sides of the same sword. Monetization through advertising is quite simply a necessary part of the ecosystem at this point.

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This ad claims if you don’t like it, it’s your fault

If you have an awesome product, you shouldn’t be afraid of saying so. That’s pretty much the idea I get when I see the new (and first) TV ad from Knob Creek, a small-batch arm from Jim Beam.

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In a 30-second spot, each moment is crucial

Maybe it’s because I work in the marketing and advertising industry or maybe it’s the time I spend in the broadcast industry or it could even be the traces of Type A in my personality, but it really grins my gears when a 30-second TV spot doesn’t make any sense.

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History’s finest ad slogan still inspiring doers

The next generation of doers has new personifications of “Just Do It” thanks to Nike’s newest campaign.

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Content-based advertising sucks you in, in a good way

I was looking through some online ad campaign tactics (and checking Twitter … and thinking about streaming a CES flashback from IDG News) when I came across an interactive infographic that promised to tell me what’s sucking up my bandwidth.

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