This ad claims if you don’t like it, it’s your fault

If you have an awesome product, you shouldn’t be afraid of saying so. That’s pretty much the idea I get when I see the new (and first) TV ad from Knob Creek, a small-batch arm from Jim Beam.

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In a 30-second spot, each moment is crucial

Maybe it’s because I work in the marketing and advertising industry or maybe it’s the time I spend in the broadcast industry or it could even be the traces of Type A in my personality, but it really grins my gears when a 30-second TV spot doesn’t make any sense.

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History’s finest ad slogan still inspiring doers

The next generation of doers has new personifications of “Just Do It” thanks to Nike’s newest campaign.

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Content-based advertising sucks you in, in a good way

I was looking through some online ad campaign tactics (and checking Twitter … and thinking about streaming a CES flashback from IDG News) when I came across an interactive infographic that promised to tell me what’s sucking up my bandwidth.

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