About Me

In a nutshell

Websites that meet business objectives; social strategies that generate sales leads and build brand equity; community management that provides user support and drives engagement.


John Swartz

Digital Marketing Communications

Digital strategy and marketing communications leader with a track record of developing positioning, optimizing messaging, boosting brand awareness, and generating significant customer response. Excels in staff management through motivational communication resulting in coordinated teamwork and superior results.

What I’m up to now

♦ Director of Marketing for iPrint Technologies — a print supply company that specializes in providing printers and supplies to businesses that depend on printing as a large part of their operations — think pharmacies, tax firms, law offices, schools and many corporate headquarters nationwide.

♦ Principal of  Swartzdesk — I love helping entrepreneurs and developing brands build their digital strategies. Check out my work to see a few examples.  This website is also where I offer my views on marketing, advertising and social media.

♦ Advisor, Sonoma Stompers — I helped the Sonoma Stompers, a professional independent baseball team, get off the ground with their website and social media strategies, and act as an ongoing advisor on specific campaigns.

♦ Beer Army Ambassador — Some of the work I’ve done with BeerArmy.com has been focused around website and social strategies and getting press coverage in their early start-up phase.

♦ Family man (house full of girls), Southerner living in the Bay Area and working in San Francisco, very proud owner of a wife-approved beard (and Beardition advocate), and an outdoorsman (camping, kayaking, hiking, and sometimes just hanging in a hammock), former journalist.

My Background

I’ve been producing digital content for as long as I can remember there being digital anything, and I supposed you can make the argument that I’ve been marketing for just as long. I’d say my unofficial start in digital marketing communications was the website I launched in the mid ’90s for my high school football team. The site (which was actually still live until about a year or two ago) featured about what you’d expect — our roster, schedule, game updates, and even some behind-the-scenes anecdotes I called “In The Locker Room.” As far as I could tell (because I tried to find other team sites to link to), we were the only team in our conference with a website.

I was educated at East Carolina University, where I studied communication, English and philosophy. I worked numerous jobs throughout college, including a being a sports referee for several local leagues (football, softball, soccer, basketball) and a web producer for ECU’s intramural department. It was an exciting time to be there, as the university’s programs made the shift from being paper-first to digital-first. Most of that first job was taking documents and turning them into HTML for the quickly-growing website.

From there, I took my first steps into journalism where I spent the next 10 years in both the print and broadcast industries. Again, it was an exciting time as traditional media outlets started to embrace the web. That meant going from dumping all our articles on the web at around midnight when all the rest of the day’s work was done to producing content with a web-first mentality and letting our digital property feed our traditional medium. Throughout my years in journalism, I played a part in four website relaunches. I also oversaw the entire digital news operation for an ABC affiliate in North Carolina where we won back-to-back Associated Press awards for having the best news website in our division.

Throughout it all, what I feel I best got out of the first part of my career was the ability to tell stories not only through the written word but through combining various tactics and publishing methods — text, audio, slideshows, video, doing it in person and even once smell (maybe more about that another time).

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