Ten years of experience in journalism, public relations and brand writing.


Brand building, content and product marketing, research.

Social Media

Five years experience managing brand accounts and directing strategy.


Dino Dogan

John brings a unique perspective to everything he does. I could go on and on about his technical background, but the reason I always go to John is that not only does he deliver results, but he gets results from others through inspired leadership and enthusiasm. John has spent many years dealing directly with those who consumed his product, which gives him a unique perspective when it comes to messaging and he is able to develop strategies that squeeze every last bit of juice out of every piece of resource put before him. He also has a dynamic and entertaining personality that translates to fantastic consumer engagement.

Jim Taylor

Working with John, you almost immediately get to know not only his intelligence but also his ability to adapt to any situation. He has a knack for figuring out what needs to get done and what it's going to take to get there. There's also his get-it-done attitude, as he refuses to stop until the task is complete. His work ethic and his jovial personality are quite infectious, as others around him are often brought up to his level.

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Innovative, results-driven marketing communications leader who has consistently optimized messaging, managed communication within integrated mobile and social media channels, boosted brand awareness, and generated significant customer response. A strong record of success creating and implementing team-based strategies resulting in increased traffic and user interaction. Excels in staff management through motivational communication, resulting in coordinated teamwork and superior results.